Team Zero is Looking for Your Net Zero Energy Project

Team Zero is Looking for Your Net Zero Energy Project

For the last five years, Team Zero, also known as the Net Zero Energy Coalition, has been collecting data on Zero Energy residential buildings in the US and Canada. Together, this group of non-profits, industry stakeholders, and associations are collaborating to focus their “zero-related ambitions” on broad industry-led national awareness of Zero Energy.

Inventory collection for 2019 will end on August 15, 2020. Eligible projects include:

  • Single–family and multifamily homes
  • New, retrofit, or combined
  • Projects in planning, design, or construction phase, or completed
  • Near-zero, zero-energy-ready, ZNE, or net positive projects

If you’re unsure if your project is eligible, simply upload the project data and you will be advised if they need more information. You can quickly and easily enter your project information into their secure database.

New this year, the database will be collecting additional information on solar adoption, fuel choices, and trends on electrification to better understand what factors are being considered in Zero Energy buildings.

Inventory from 2018 showed an impressive one-year growth of 59% in Zero Energy units. 2018 data also showed interesting data on multi-unit Zero Energy trends:

“Projects of two or more units (both single- and multifamily) dominate ZE activity across the US and Canada; they represented 94% of all ZE units in 2015, 95% in 2016, 94% in 2017, and clocked in at 95.4% in 2018. The unwavering prevalence of commercial ZE residential development is a clear signal that ZE is not a tiny niche for bespoke homes.”

If you have previously uploaded project information to The Team Zero Inventory Database and would like to make updates, the online platform makes it simple by using your project ID info.


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