Sustainable Real Estate Professional Course

Duration: 3 hours

Course Outline: The Rise Sustainable Real Estate Professional accredited online course provides real estate professionals with a competitive advantage by being able to identify and communicate the benefits of sustainable homes in the market. 

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Zero Net Energy Building - Online

Duration: 10 weeks  |  Instructor: Marc Rosenbaum

Master a comprehensive understanding of all of the key components of a zero net energy building—envelope, systems, and renewable energy sources—and how they fit together to confidently create your own home designs. During the course, you’ll learn key pitfalls to avoid and get numerical guidelines on sizing peak heat loss, glazing amounts, and solar electric systems.

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Deep Energy Retrofits - Online

Duration: 10 modules  |  Instructor: Marc Rosenbaum

Learn how to incorporate transformative energy upgrades in existing residential and commercial buildings up to 45,000 square feet.

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Energy Modeling in eQUEST -  Online

Duration: 8 weeks  |  Instructor: Chris Schaffner

This is a comprehensive commercial energy modeling course for you to master eQUEST, the free "Quick Energy Simulation Tool" developed by the U.S. Department of Energy and other industry leaders. You will learn how to build and run energy models. By the end of the course, you should be able to function as the go-to energy modeler on an integrated design team.

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Passive House Design -  Online

Duration: 6 modules  |  Instructor: Mike Duclos

Passive House is justifiably regarded to be the most energy efficient building standard in the world, as well as the most challenging to meet. Spend seven weeks with Mike Duclos, Principal and Founder of DEAP Energy Group, learning how to meet the rigorous (and non-negotiable) Passive House design criteria and make Passive House happen in the real world.

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Passive House in the Real World -  Online

Duration: 4 modules  |  Instructor: Mike Duclos

Passive House Consultant Mike Duclos teaches how to apply Passive House principles in the real world. With a brief nod to theory and computation, this course will mainly focus on tips, tricks, pitfalls, and what to expect when making Passive House a reality. Through case studies, videos, readings, quizzes, and Mike’s guidance you will enhance your ability to be a part of a Passive House project team, the most vital component of any successful Passive House project.

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