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Webinar That New Home Smell is No Longer a Marketing Feature

Thursday, October 14 | 2:00 PM Central
Joe Medosch

That new home smell is no longer a novel experience for home buyers. Many understand that smell is from material off-gassing and they are breathing VOCs from the building materials. EPA Indoor airPLUS and LEED are leading the market and many material manufacturers are getting on board with Health Product Disclosures (HPD) disclosures.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand how to use these disclosures and better material selections to market homes Healthier Homes
  2. Know how to find Indoor airPLUS Compliant Low-Emission Products
  3. Explain the difference in an HPD, Declare label, and the SDS.
  4. Identify 3 Red List materials

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That New Home Smell is No Longer a Marketing Feature

Resilient Homes Need to Be Built By Resilient People

Webinar Resilient Homes Need to Be Built By Resilient People

Thursday, September 23 | 2:00 PM Central
Dennis Gillan

The construction industry is on the top of a list that no one wants to be on---completed suicides. Our goal in this session is to go upstream and get real comfortable talking about mental health in the industry and use the speaker's personal story to weave this narrative. We will discuss risk factors and warning signs for suicide prevention and look at ways to let your people know that you care.

Learning Objectives

  1. Be able to recognize there is no stigma concerning anyone’s mental health.
  2. Identify the importance of utilizing available resources.
  3. Understand what to look for in others that are possibly struggling mentally.
  4. Discover what resources are available to them to get self-care.

Source: CDC: Construction Workers Have Highest Suicide Rate in U.S. | Fortune

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Webinar Approaches for Effective Isolation Space Control to Minimize Airborne Transmission of Contaminants in Residential Homes

Thursday, August 12 | 2:00 PM Central
Dr. Tanvir Khan

If a person sharing a home with others is infected with a virus, how can I prevent it from spreading to other members of the household? Existing evidence strongly suggests that viral infectious diseases can be transmitted via an airborne route across distances in indoor environments. Accordingly, sharing indoor space in the presence of infected individuals poses a major risk in the transmission of the disease. This webinar will present several low-cost, easy-to-implement control strategies to potentially mitigate the airborne transmission of infectious aerosols in a single-family house.

Learning objectives:

  1. Describe characteristics of an isolation zone in terms of pressure differences.
  2. Describe low-cost interventions to create a difference in pressure between an isolation zone and a main zone.
  3. Describe how airborne infectious disease particles are simulated.
  4. Be able to implement effective control strategies using easily accessible and low-cost materials, and simple processes.

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Approaches for Effective Isolation Space Control to Minimize Airborne Transmission of Contaminants in Residential Homes

Changing Our Paradigm: 4 Principals of Modern Design

Webinar Changing Our Paradigm: 4 Principals of Modern Design

Wednesday, August 11 | 2:00 PM Central
Doug Tarry

Doug Tarry is President of Doug Tarry Ltd., an award winning, leading home building company in southwestern Ontario, Canada. Having built and labeled more Net Zero / Net Zero Ready homes than any other builder in Canada, Doug is currently developing a book called “From Bleeding Edge to Leading Edge: A Builders’ Guide to Net Zero Homes.”

This webinar will provide an overview Doug’s book and delves into what he believes are the 4 principals of modern design.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Demystifying Net Zero and making it accessible.
  2. Understanding value vs. simple cost.
  3. Recognize how to build your team carefully and early on.
  4. Learn how to plan your specs, including occupant comfort, indoor air quality, carbon reduction, and climate resilient building .

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Webinar Benefits and Strategies to Hire and Retain Veterans

Tuesday, August 3 | 3:00 PM Central
Rene Carter and Joseph Molina

The National Veterans Chamber serves both the individual Veteran and the organizations that support our Veterans and military families. Veterans and military families are able to access resources to find jobs, start a business, and obtain advice in current employment. Employers benefit by accessing resources to help them create a welcoming military-friendly workplace, free training programs and access tax benefits when hiring military Veterans.

  1. Learn about the programs and benefits of the Veterans Chamber
  2. Identify employees with supervisory potential to complete the First Time Manager Training.
  3. Understand the Veteran Friendly Employer Program, including assistance with onboarding veterans and setting up a peer-to-peer Veteran Mentorship Program
  4. Realize the tax benefits when hiring veterans - employers could receive up to $9600 per hire

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Benefits and Strategies to Hire and Retain Veterans

Complete Radon Mitigation

Webinar Complete Radon Mitigation

Tuesday, July 27 | 2:00 PM Central
Randy Nicklas

Building codes are steadily increasing the requirements for building envelope airtightness, along with mechanical ventilation. One aspect that is critical in tighter building construction is the need for maintaining a healthy indoor air environment. Outdoor pollutants entering the building include not only allergens and various chemical compounds, but also radon gas. According to the American Lung Association radon accounts for more than 21,000 deaths a year in the US. Radon has been typically abated by the use of polyethylene and air sealing under slabs and on the foundation. Radon enters the building through cracks in the foundation, and by diffusion directly through the slab and the foundation. Canadian research has developed a system using spray foam to control radon entry with both air and radon diffusion barriers. This presentation will outline the advances in radon control.

1. Understand radon gas and the risk that is presents to the occupants.
2. Identify regions where radon is prevalent and the radon concentration level requiring mitigation.
3. Identify the various pathways that radon enters the building.
4. Understand the components of a complete radon solution.

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Webinar High Performance Zero Energy Home Design

Tuesday, July 20 | 2:00 PM Central
Alea German

High performance zero energy homes provide many benefits including cost savings, energy resiliency, durability, comfort, and sustainable operation. While these types of homes have been built for a long time, the knowledge of how to build them has historically been kept by few. Now with increasingly stringent building codes across the U.S., driven by long-term energy policy and growing demands on the energy grid, all builders and implementers need to know how to build high performance. This session will review key strategies to build high performance zero energy homes discussing measures that impact building envelope, heating, cooling, ventilation, water heating, and other loads. The presentation will highlight electric technology including heat pumps.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand key strategies to build high performance zero energy homes
  2. Examine strategies to reduce building heating and cooling loads
  3. Examine common mechanical systems
  4. Identify key system interactions in high performance zero energy homes

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High Performance Zero Energy Home Design

Rainscreens: A Builder’s Experience

Webinar Rainscreens: A Builder’s Experience

Tuesday, July 13 | 2:00 PM Central
Peter Barrett and Chris Donatelli

Do you know how a properly installed rainscreen makes your building envelope more durable? In the first part of this webinar, Peter Barrett of Dorken Systems will look at how rainscreens work to add drainage and drying capacity to a typical residential wall. In the second part, Chris Donatelli of Donatelli Builders will discuss the real-life building and renovation of a home in Chicago. As original builder, Chris will tell his story of constructing the original home, issues he discovered, and his road to sustainable repair of the walls. You will hear his actual experience managing the moisture issues along with amazing details about when, where, and how damage occurred and was remediated.

You will learn to:

· Easily design rainscreen principles into your walls

· Evaluate the long-term benefits of added drainage and drying

· Understand the impact of moisture management issues

· Apply appropriate remediation techniques

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Webinar Kicking Gas! Going All-Electric for the Health of Your Family and the Earth

Tuesday, June 29 | 2:00 PM Central
Ann Edminster

"Decarbonization" and "electrification" are becoming household words in some parts of the country. This presentation will demystify these terms, covering the motivations, benefits, and nuts and bolts of making the switch -- transitioning mixed-fuel homes to 100% electricity. If you have concerns about indoor air quality, resiliency, or the changing climate, there's something for you in this webinar.

Learning objectives: After attending this presentation, attendees will be able to:

  • Explain the benefits of electrifying homes to clients, friends, and family
  • Understand how electrification supports resiliency goals
  • Differentiate between the two electric alternatives to each of the four typical residential gas appliances
  • Create a customized home electrification roadmap

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Kicking Gas!  Going All-Electric for the Health of Your Family and the Earth

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