Welcome to the EEBA Builder Benchmark Group (BBG), where noncompeting high performance builders come together to benchmark their businesses, share, learn and collaborate on general problem solving. The BBG is a  non-competitive group from across North America with open-forum sharing across categories like high performance building techniques, financials, operations, marketing campaigns, best practices, stories from the build site and consumer sustainability purchase survey data.


Baseline criteria includes that a builder is currently building to a recognized high performance or green building standard, such as ENERGY STAR, or DOE's Zero Energy Ready Homes Program. If you are interested in joining please become an EEBA Builder Company Memberstarting at the Bronze $3,000 level for builders who produce under 100 homes a year, or the Gold $7,500 level for builders producing over 100 homes a year. Check the "Join an EEBA Builder Benchmark Group", and EEBA staff will receive the application for review. Providing data on dollar volume, units sold, market area, location and high performance or green building standards currently used helps the BBG determine which group would be a good fit for you. Once the BBG approves your application, you will be contacted for an interview. If you are invited, you will be provided with an agenda and details for your initial BBG meeting.

In today's business environment especially, the Builder Benchmark Group are more important now than ever. We hope you will participate! 


Join these high performance builders in EEBA's Builder Benchmark Group by becoming a Company Member!

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$3,000 - $5,000 Annual Membership
Less than 100 homes per year

$7,500+ Annual Membership
100 or more homes per year

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Monthly Meetings

Our monthly meetings take place on the last Thursday of each month.