This, our fourth report on zero energy (ZE) residential activity in the US and Canada, provides an overview of findings (data-derived results) and inferences (our interpretation of what those results mean) from our year-over-year inventories of growth in this rapidly popularizing housing type.

While still a very small fraction of the housing industry as a whole, ZE is booming and bursting with positive energy! (Read more – goes to a download form to capture data)


The growth our contributors reported in 2018 was once again very robust – the number of ZE housing units increased by 59% over the prior year’s inventory: 22,146 total units in design, in construction, and completed, as compared with 13,960 units in those combined categories in 2017.

Builders/Developers with 10+ Projects

Builders/Developers Projects State/Province
BrightBuilt Home 78 ME
Greenhill Contracting Inc. 39 NY
BrightLeaf Homes 27 IL
Clifton View Homes 26 WA
Mandalay Homes Inc. 23 AZ
Palo Duro Homes, Inc 20 NM
Decker Homes, Inc 17 OH
Latitude 38 LLC 15 VA
BPC Green Builders, Inc 15 CT
Charles Thomas Homes 14 NE

Top 10 Builders/Developers by Number of Units

Builders/Developers Units State/Province
Sifton Properties 2001 ON
Mandalay Homes Inc. 1192 AZ
Thrive Home Builders 579 CO
Onion Flats 512 PA
Planet Greenergy 351 FL
Transformations, Inc. 341 MA
Capstone Homes 266 AZ
Walsh Construction Co. 244 OR
Taurus of Texas 237 TX
Landmark Homes 221 AB