What Will 2020 Bring?

It’s hard to believe but we’ve reached the end of 2019. It’s been an incredible year filled with some great accomplishments and exciting potential.

What Will 2020 Bring?

We started the year off recognizing Mandalay Homes as they offered rooftop solar as a standard product on their homes and Health E Community Enterprises’ Zero Energy Ready Home communities. We also took a look at a Utah-based project where Sonnen EcoLinx batteries will be used to manage peak energy use and provide emergency power.

Material advancements were also in the news throughout the year. We took a look at key solar developments like floating PV, molecular solar thermal liquid, and a water flow glazing technology that captures solar radiation for heating, preheating, domestic hot water, and the storage or expenditure of excess energy.

In addition to these materials, keep an eye on other products like translucent wood, self-healing concrete, and 3D printed houses that will continue to advance and make news in 2020.

Data and AI will also contribute to advancements in the construction industry. It’s clear data is already important in determining optimal design for the greatest energy efficiency. It will become more and more important for projects of all sizes and will allow for even better predictions on how long a project will take, and pinpoint any potential challenges during the design phase. Data collection will be imperative for our continued advancements surrounding energy and usage.

And don’t worry, robotics will not likely become fully “aware” in 2020, but you’ll still want to keep up with how people are strategically utilizing this technology. Whether for safety or labor reasons, robotics will enhance and compliment many aspects of the construction industry. Just like Spot - a robot (you can actually buy) that has the capability to Inspect progress on construction sites, create digital twins, and compare as-built to BIM.

Thank you for supporting EEBA this year. We look forward to everything the new year has to offer and can’t wait to see you in 2020!


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