Trek In to High Performance Homes

The first step is sometimes the most difficult. Are you ready for the Trek In to High Performance Homes?

Trek In to High Performance Homes

It’s hard to believe but we’re just 4 short months away from the next EEBA High Performance Home Summit, October 1-3 in Denver. This year’s theme, Reach for the Summit, focuses on looking towards a future where every home is high performing, healthy, and resilient.

Getting to that goal though can sometimes feel like you’re literally climbing a mountain!

In the next months leading up to the Summit, we’ll look at the different levels of climbing that High Performance Home mountain and how you can prepare for each part of the journey. We’ll be your sherpas and offer guidance, support, and teamwork as you prepare to ascend the mountain.

The first step is the Trek In. It seems easy enough but the Trek In is often identified as “a long and difficult journey, especially in the mountains, as an adventure.” You may not like the word “difficult” in there, but what’s great about the Trek In is that it doesn’t have to be alone! And if you’re reading this and ready to commit to defining and building high performance homes, you’re there! You are on the Trek In.

EEBA is dedicated to helping you work through any roadblocks you may encounter on this journey by offering an array of educational sessions covering topics from healthy homes and water efficiency, to Zero-Energy homes, resiliency and affordable high performance products. And it doesn’t stop there. Network with the brightest minds in building science and get firsthand knowledge from some of the best in the industry including builders, raters, analysts, and architects.

After the conference ends you can continue your journey by signing up for an educational session in an area near you. These courses are designed to further your high performance home education. We hope to see you in Denver!


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