The Connected Home by Square D Provides “Future-Ready” Energy Management Solutions

In this webinar, Gerard Font presents the Connected Home from Square D, an all-in-one solution for energy management. The Connected Home is designed to reduce carbon emissions and provide consumers with energy efficient options in their homes. The Home uses an innovative “grid-to-plug" solution by connecting wiring devices, the “Wiser” energy monitor, and the house’s energy center to create an integrated energy management system.  

Market trends like Smart Home and Distributed Energy Resources are changing the ways energy storage systems are created and implemented. The Connected Home provides benefits to both builders and homebuyers by reducing costs and installation time for homes with storage. The Home also provides an aesthetically pleasing solution to the common issue of cluttered renewable energy installations.  

The completed Connected Home solution will be available in July. Currently, Square D is running pilot tests of the system. If you or your company are interested in participating, please contact Gerard Font at

Learn more about the Connected Home by watching this webinar on EEBA’s Learning Center here

Square D by Schneider Electric aims to explore the landscape of renewable energy options as climate change continues to alter our lifestyles. Through Square D, consumers and builders alike can find assistance from electrical contractors, consulting engineers, and distributors. 

Schneider Electric’s mission is to apply world-leading energy technologies to the sustainable building and construction industry and provide widespread and accessible energy efficient resources. 


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