Staying Connected During Covid-19

Staying Connected During Covid-19

If you’re looking for ways to connect professionally with others during the remainder of the quarantine, take a gander at some of these upcoming online events. Whether it’s a conference, webinar, or pre-recorded resource, we can help you find something that allows you to stay informed, continue to learn, and network with others in your industry.

Yesterday, Suzanne Shelton presented on “Marketing to a Changed Market” where she shared some brand new insights on what Americans are seeing as needs and wants in a home. She also laid out a framework for how you can position your company to align with and be successful in the post-Covid-19 market. If you missed this one, you can watch it here. And stay tuned as EEBA will continue offering informative webinars in their Covid-19 Strategy Series (see below for an upcoming webinar on April 21). Connect with them on LinkedIn and Facebook to stay up-to-date.

Today, Wednesday April 15 at 11 am PT / 2pm ET, Sam Rashkin, Chief Architect at the U.S. DOE Building Technologies Office, will be presenting a webinar on “Demystifying Zero” - why a ‘Zero Energy Buildings Imperative’ is so important. Sam will walk participants through choices industry members have to join the zero movement and provide guidance to identify the best path forward, as well as how to take immediate action. This webinar offers AIA credits. Register here.

International Living FutureThe International Living Future Institute’s annual Living Future Summit in Seattle has moved fully online! Beginning on May 19 at 11 am PT / 2pm ET, they will be offering a 6-week live summit series (for VIP ticket holders) and one-off single day programs for new registrants. ILF focuses on bringing the green building, sustainability and social justice communities together to solve big challenges. This year’s summit, appropriately carrying the theme of “Sustaining Hope Within Crisis,” will end on June 25 and focus on the climate emergency and will allow participants a place to “connect, collaborate, and sustain” themselves. Register here to reserve your spot!

As part of EEBA’s Covid-19 Strategy Series Caroline Blazovsky, CEO of My Healthy Home, will present “Healthy Home Practices: COVID 19 & Beyond” during a one-hour webinar on Tuesday, April 21 starting at 11 am PT / 2pm ET. Caroline will expand on essential steps you should take to improve your home’s living spaces and how to diagnose unhealthy features in a home. Sign up for this webinar and brush up on everything healthy home-related.

The Housing Innovation Alliance is inviting you to join their Staycation on April 22 from 7 am PT / 10 am ET to 2:15 pm PT / 5:15 pm ET. This one-day event will look at the vision of the Future of Home Delivery, the Home as a Service, single-family rental success, and innovating design and production. Speakers include BIM experts, developers, architects, technologists, builders, and more! View the agenda here and register by April 17.

NAHB Now 2020

The NAHB and Home Builders Institute have developed distance learning resources for construction educators. The resources are designed “for teachers to use in their distance learning efforts for construction, construction management, shop, technology and physical science classes.”

The NAHB has confirmed you do not need to be a member to access the Workforce Development or Student Chapters resources on “These are purposely open access so all can benefit from these resources and help engage and encourage residential construction-related industry career paths,” says Sarah Weber, Director of Workforce Development and Student Chapters at the NAHB.

Share other relevant, informative, online educational programs with us and tell us what you’re not seeing. We suggest browsing LinkedIn daily to see what Live events are being offered. It’s a great way to keep up-to-date on new developments and ongoing progress in the industry.


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