Revive Your Home: Questions to Ask as You Remodel Post-Pandemic

by Seth Murphy

Revive Your Home: Questions to Ask as You Remodel Post-Pandemic

With businesses opening and life becoming more normal after COVID-19, you may want to start fresh, too. The best place to begin is with your home. Rearranging, remodeling, and refreshing your home sustainably can make it feel like a real new start. Begin by asking yourself the following questions to figure out how to revive your home post-pandemic.


How old is your paint?

When it comes to painting, you should repaint at least every three to five years. With everyone at home, you may have more smudges and fingerprints on the paint throughout the house. High-traffic areas, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways probably need a refresh. It is practical to repaint, but it can also boost the mood of your household.

Color can affect your mood and psychological reactions. Designers understand that color can dramatically change how a person feels. For example, blues lower blood pressure and make people feel more relaxed. Yellow, on the other hand, might brighten your mood and uplift you in the morning. Yellow tends to suit kitchens most.


When was the last time you remodeled?

According to the BLS, about 31% of workers began to work from home at the start of the pandemic. In addition to adults working from home, children began to attend school from home. People required more office space and sectioned living. The popularity of open floor plans began to dip because people needed to utilize the space for different reasons. People could not work and educate from the kitchen table.

You may have rearranged your home throughout the pandemic, but with kids returning to school and adults returning to work, it may be time for you to retake control of your house. If you last rearranged for the pandemic, think about rearranging to exit it. Having an impact on your environment can lift your mood and provide you with satisfaction. If you think about emerging from the pandemic as starting anew, why not have a new setup?

When rearranging your home, try these tips:

  • Position chairs to create multiple conversation areas
  • Utilize area rugs
  • Place tables near sofas and chairs

While moving around your furniture, make sure you clean in the spaces you usually cannot reach. If your windows are looking a little worse for wear, look up “window washing near me” and check reviews to ensure the person or company you’re hiring has a good track record.


What do you love about your kitchen?

Your kitchen is the focal point of the home. You gather with family, friends, and loved ones throughout the year. If you do not love your kitchen, think about what you do and do not like about it. If you have kids, do you have a kid-friendly kitchen? Many homeowners could benefit from wider walkways, nicer countertops, and better storage space.

Think about what you love about your kitchen and what would make you love it more. When remodeling your kitchen and any other area of your home, for that matter, think about home improvements that can increase the value of your home. If you plan to sell in the future, property value matters! Remember, with all remodeling, you should always keep receipts along with before and after photos.

COVID-19 changed how people live. It changed the way people set up their homes. As you emerge from the pandemic, think about what you like about the changes and what you wish you had instead. Starting fresh means you can leave the past behind, and what better way to make it happen than to revive your living space sustainably?


Seth Murphy loves hands-on DIY projects and sharing what he has learned with others. As a result he created Papa DIY to share tips and help others with their own endeavors.


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