"When we moved into our first Tim O'Brien home, we couldn’t believe the amount of money we were saving just by what they were doing on their standard specifications. Now we’re super excited to have built our second Tim O'Brien ZERH home to our specifications."


Key Features

  • Walls: 2x4, 16" o.c., R-21 total: advanced framed; R-15 dense-packed fiberglass; 7/16" OSB sheathing, 7/6" R-5 graphite EPS, drain wrap; stone veneer and engineered wood siding.
  • Roof: Hip truss roof: self-adhered membrane, synthetic underlayment, architectural shingles.
  • Attic: Vented attic: 20" R-50 blown-in fiberglass; 1/2" R-3 closed-cell spray foam over sill plates, chases, can lights. Ridge vents; 7" raised heel trusses.
  • Foundation: Insulated basement: unfinished walls - 2" interior R-10 foil-faced rigid foam; finished walls - 2x4 wall with R-19 fiberglass unfaced batt and a poly vapor barrier.
  • Windows: Double-pane, argon filled, low-e3, vinyl frame, casement style, U=0.27, SHGC=0.22, interior motorized blinds.
  • Air Sealing: 1.51 ACH50, all seams in rigid foam and drain wrap taped.
  • Ventilation: ERV, MERV 11 filter, sensors across home for temp, humidity, VOCs, C02.
  • HVAC: Gas furnace, 96 AFUE, 13 SEER AC.
  • Hot Water: Heat pump water heater, 65-gallon, 3.63 EF.
  • Lighting: 100% LED, automated window blinds, lighting controls.
  • Appliances: ENERGY STAR refrigerator, 2 dishwashers, 2 clothes washers.
  • Solar: 6.6 kW, rooftop panels.
  • Water Conservation: Whole-house EPA WaterSense-certified. Hot water recirc pump.
  • Energy Management System: Integrated home automation system for HVAC, lights.
  • Other: EV charging, accessible floorplan, sinks, cabinets. Zero-VOC paint.

Building Specifications

Conditioned Area 633 ft2
Bedrooms 4
Bathrooms 3.5
Stories 1
Climate Zone 6A
Completion Date June 2021

Modeled Performance

  With PV No PV
HERS Index 32 45
Annual Energy Cost $2,200.00 $3,200.00
Annual Energy Cost Savings $1,750.00 $1,000.00
Annual Energy Savings 14,900 kWh 13,000 kWh
First 30 Years Savings $85,500.00 $47,800.00