"We simply love our energy-efficient home!"


Key Features

  • Walls: CMU walls insulated to interior with 3/4" EPS board, 3/4" furring strips, perforated foil insulation sheet, drywall.
  • Roof: 2x8" borate-treated trusses, 5/8" sheathing, self-adhering underlayment, Cool Roofcertified asphalt shingles.
  • Attic: Unvented, hot roof: 5.5" R-20 open-cell spray foam on underside of roof deck.
  • Foundation: Slab on grade, uninsulated. All framing is borate treated for termites and mold.
  • Windows: Double-pane, argon-filled, low-e, vinyl frame, single-hung, U=0.29, SHGC=0.19.
  • Air Sealing: 2.24 ACH50.
  • Ventilation: Controlled central fan with fresh air intake and timed exhaust, MERV 10 filters.
  • HVAC: Central air-source heat pump, 9.0 HSPF, 17 SEER, AC variable speed compressor.
  • Hot Water: Heat pump water heater, 50-gal, 2.35 EF.
  • Lighting: 100% LED.
  • Appliances: ENERGY STAR refrigerator, dishwasher.
  • Solar: Solar ready.
  • Water Conservation: EPA WaterSense-certified home, compact PEX plumbing, IFAS "Florida Friendly" landscaping.
  • Energy Management System: Wi-Fi connected smart thermostat.
  • Other: "Habitat Strong" disaster-resistant construction: can withstand 160-mph winds with truss-to-footer tie downs, extra nails on roof sheathing and shingles; impact-resistant windows and doors, fire-resistant stucco. Borate-treated lumber, and sealed soffits.

Building Specifications

Conditioned Area 1,464 ft2
Bedrooms 3
Bathrooms 2
Stories 1
Climate Zone 2A
Completion Date November 2020