"The air is so much cleaner in here; my husband doesn’t sneeze inside the house even when he is sneezing outside."


Key Features

  • Walls: 2x6 studs @ 16" o.c., R-25 total: R-23 spray foam in cavity, house wrap, 1" R-5 foam sheathing, acrylic stucco, sill seal and caulk at plates.
  • Roof: Truss gabled roof: trusses, 1/2" deck sheathing, self-adhering underlayment, cement tile roofing is ENERGY STAR cool roof-certified.
  • Attic: Conditioned attic with 7" R-28 open-cell spray foam on underside of roof deck.
  • Foundation: Slab on grade: CMU stem walls. Rigid foam is 2" thick (R-10) and 48" wide under slab perimeter and 1" R-5 on slab edge.
  • Windows: Double-pane, argon-filled, low-e, vinyl frame, U=0.29, SHGC=0.23.
  • Air Sealing: 3.98 ACH50, spray foamed attic, sill seal, foam seal all exterior penetrations.
  • Ventilation: ERV, MERV 9 filter.
  • HVAC: Gas furnace, 96 AFUE, 16 SEER AC unit, flex duct system, ducts in conditioned attic.
  • Hot Water: Gas tankless, 0.96 EF, integrated recirculation pump.
  • Lighting: 100% LED.
  • Appliances: All appliances are certified by ENERGY STAR.
  • Solar: 3.55 kW, 10 355-W rooftop panels with integrated micro-inverters.
  • Water Conservation: EPA WaterSense bathroom faucets, showerheads, central manifold with PEX piping, button-activated recirculation pump, drip irrigation.
  • Energy Management System: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatible thermostat.
  • Other: Low/no-VOC finishes, paints, adhesives; GreenGuard Gold flooring.

Building Specifications

Conditioned Area 2,099 ft2
Bedrooms 3
Bathrooms 2
Stories 1
Climate Zone 4B
Completion Date April 2020

Modeled Performance

  With PV No PV
HERS Index 15 43
Annual Energy Cost $450.00 $1,200.00
Annual Energy Cost Savings $1,500.00 $750.00
Annual Energy Savings 11,100 kWh 5,100 kWh
First 30 Years Savings $72,100.00 $36,800.00