Introducing the first healthy home system

EEBA Sponsor Highlight: Panasonic

*Adapted from a Panasonic article

Your home has a heating and cooling system for comfort. Yet it doesn’t have a healthy air system to ensure you breathe clean air. Since health and building science experts have proven that poor indoor air quality leads to respiratory conditions and many other illnesses, Panasonic created a solution for healthier indoor environments. Introducing Cosmos™, the first healthy home system.

Why do you need a healthy home system?

  • Indoor air quality (IAQ) is the #1 concern in healthy home building
  • Today’s tightly built homes trap all sorts of toxins inside, creating an urgent need for better ventilation
  • Poor indoor air quality is ranked as the 4th biggest environmental threat in the US

How Cosmos™ works

Cosmos by Panasonic is the first connected healthy home system that helps you address your biggest concern: your family’s health. Cosmos intelligently monitors indoor air quality 24x7 and manages the most harmful indoor toxins: volatile organic compounds, fine particulate matter, carbon dioxide & humidity. Cosmos is the only professionally-installed fresh-air system that helps you maintain a healthy indoor environment and well-conditioned air quality.

Cosmos™ components

Command Center Monitors system operations in real-time, receive alerts and recommendations, and automates processes efficiently

IAQ Sensors Constantly monitors indoor air quality levels to determine when outside the normal range. Color coded LED lights provide instant air quality reading

Component Control Modules Provides communication for better signal reliability among Cosmos components

Mobile App Provides data on your home’s indoor air quality in an easy to read dashboard, you’ll know when something is wrong right away.

Cosmos products

WhisperGreen Select

WhisperFresh Select

WhisperHood IAQ 


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