High Performance Builder and Site Supervisor Designations Earned at this Year’s EEBA Summit

Many took advantage of new designation opportunities and proved their knowledge in building science and high performance construction methods.

High Performance Builder and Site Supervisor Designations Earned at this Year’s EEBA Summit

In addition to some great sessions at this year’s High Performance Home Summit, we also offered the opportunity for attendees to earn the High Performance Builder and Site Supervisor Designations.

6 individuals joined Gord Cooke, Andy Oding and Mike Barcik to earn their EEBA High Performance Builder Designation after successfully completing Houses That Work, High Performance Mechanicals, and the HERS Associate. Each attendee took and passed the required test for each of the three courses. Congratulations to the following people who earned their High Performance Builder Designation:

  • Roy Birney - Thrive Home Builders
  • Matt Bohannon – R.E.S. Contracting
  • Richard Fayad – QC Manufacturing
  • Jason Hoyle - Thrive Home Builders
  • Jacie Jeffrey - Thrive Home Builders
  • Andy Llora – QC Manufacturing
  • Adrion Marti - Thrive Home Builders
  • Ricardo Schobert – QC Manufacturing
  • Dane Stevenson – QC Manufacturing
  • Greg Van Dam – Dwell Well

“Thrive Home Builders is excited about the EEBA Site Supervisor and High Performance Builder Designations,” says Bill Rectanus, Vice President of Operations. “These designations give our team the basic building science and project management training they need to build our high performance homes. They also provide Thrive an opportunity to give our team valued industry designations that they can carry with them throughout their career. We are proud to have several of the first EEBA designations be earned by members of our Thrive team.”

EEBA is also pleased to announce that 17 people earned the EEBA Site Supervisor Designation, led by Michael Baechler, proving their knowledge in the processes and best practices of building science for residential construction projects.

  • Manal Balaa - Thrive Home Builders
  • Kevin Brozyna – Insight Homes
  • Shannon Bryant – Prairie View A&M University
  • Bennett Doherty – Middlebury College
  • David Eis - Thrive Home Builders
  • Tony Grahame – Pensacola State College
  • David Kendall - Thrive Home Builders
  • Adrion Marti - Thrive Home Builders
  • Evan Matthews - Thrive Home Builders
  • Tim Nyquist – Nyquist Building Science
  • Chris Petroskas – Center for Energy & Environment
  • Ron Stafford - Thrive Home Builders
  • Cynthia Suarez-Harris – Prairie View A&M University
  • Travis Taylor - Thrive Home Builders
  • Ledell Thomas - Prairie View A&M University
  • Tim Vargas – Mandalay Homes
  • John Wooldridge – Insight Homes

Congratulations to everyone! We had one attendee pass a designation exam, but fail to legibly write their name on the test. If you believe this could be you, please contact nancy@eeba.org with an example of your signature.

Our final educational sessions of 2018 are taking place in the next couple of months in Portland (November 8), Charleston (November 15), and Nashville (December 5). Contact Nancy if you have any questions or if you know a student who would like to take advantage of our Student Scholarship Fund and attend one of our regional events.


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