CVF Homes - June Builder of the Month!

CVF Homes - June Builder of the Month!

CVF homes works with award winning architects to design one of a kind projects.

Since inception, CVF homes has distinguished itself repeatedly by specializing in sustainable residential infill development and unique custom homes in San Antonio Texas.

Their projects have been successful because they focus on great design, energy, water and material efficient buildings with healthy indoors.

CVF homes has two primary goals: 1) To design sustainable projects that integrate the latest technology and the most energy and water efficient systems while minimizing their carbon footprint and 2) To design for humans – providing for practical requirements for how people live today while incorporating the outdoor with the indoor design elements to harmonize modern day living.

They are committed to certifying all of their projects by the Zero Energy Ready Home program from the Department of Energy, Build San Antonio Green standards, ENERGY STAR and Indoor airPLUS.

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