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See what’s happening around the world surrounding energy efficiency.

Around the Globe

Ithaca, New York

The Solar Home Factory, based in Geneva, New York is on a mission to build zero-energy homes. The company is birthed out of the desire to find solutions for heating issues in their region and to move people towards air pumps. What they found, however, is that most homes weren’t efficient enough for them so they continued using natural gas, coal or wood pellets.

The Solar Home Factory utilizes SIPs and combines modular techniques with net-zero energy homes. In a previous development, homeowners were paying around 20 cents per day in heating costs (before solar credits).

They are currently working on 43-unit single family home project in Ithaca, New York.

Melbourne, Australia

$784,000 was recently funded to a real estate group, Mirvac, to test a “net zero energy” housing project in a Melbourne suburb.

The 49-townhome planned community will demonstrate the feasibility of achieving net-zero energy homes at scale and show homeowners how they can greatly reduce energy bills.

Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia’s 2030 District initiative is a voluntary program where building owners and managers work to reduce their carbon footprint.

To date, around 50 buildings have joined and committed to improving their energy efficiency by 50 percent by 2030. A recent report showed the initiative is more than halfway to their target!

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