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Below is a sample of Zero Energy courses available on the EEBA Academy:
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Sales & Marketing of the Ultimate Z.E.N Home

The Ultimate Z.E.N. Home is designed to meet the challenges of healthy living, working and learning from home, carbon free living, net zero energy and battery energy storage. This session covers how the home responds to the COVID home buyer’s desire for safety and security while living in a state-of-the-art home.

Instructor: Rich Binsacca & Panelists

Smart Plumbing and Controls Enable Zero Energy Homes- Saving the World One House at a Time™

This session will provide different examples of hot water distribution including Home Automation technologies and applications that can help support zero energy home objectives. We will be showing examples of designs and tests that have been completed over the last 15 years proving the savings of water/energy in residential and commercial buildings. We will be interviewing two Sustainable builders who have installed D’MAND KONTROLS for several years and get their view point on this and other factors to consider in building Zero Energy Homes.

Instructor: Jay Epstein, Darrel McMaster, Larry Acker

What is a High-Performance Home and How to Consistently Deliver It at Lower Cost

Once homebuyers purchase new homes often based on infatuation with community and design, bad home performance experiences can negate all the hard work earning customer satisfaction. It is critical to get high-performance right. This course begins that process with lessons-learned from decades of experience as a residential architect and work with thousands of home builders while serving as national director for ENERGY STAR Certified Home and Zero Energy Ready Home. The resulting framework for high performance homes includes five key strategies and over 40 best practices for applying them with substantial cost savings. Most importantly, this framework has been intensively researched, vetted, and refined over five years with hundreds of housing industry executives. The goal is not to dogmatically impose one solution for all, but to engage housing professionals to high-performance as a journey and how to get on their own path. 

Instructor: Sam Rashkin

Carbon Neutral Operations and Maintenance, the Changing Federal Reporting Requirements

Join us for a Case Study of a Multifamily Energy Star Building and learn about the Carbon Neutral Operations and Maintenance Certification Process before the New Federal Requirements were enacted.

Instructor: Peter Skornia and George Sullivan
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