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Below is a sample of Building Healthier Homes courses available on the EEBA Academy:
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US - Rise Fundamentals of Sustainable Homes

The Fundamentals of Sustainable Homes online course by Rise explores the different building standards that go above code and strategies to make a home more comfortable and energy-efficient. 

Instructor: Rise
CEUs: 3 LU|HSW AIA credits, 1.5 BPI credits, 3 NAHB credits, 3 NARI credits & 3 RESNET credits.

What are Asthma & Allergies

Asthma and Allergies impact a staggering 50% of US households. Many indoor triggers are causing medical challenges. Dr John teaches us the triggers of asthma and allergies within the home and how to talk about it. We examine the lack of regulation in this area and the confusion this brings to home owners. Finally we look at how to mitigate against these common allergens and have better, more productive conversations with your customers on this topic.

Instructor: Dr. John McKeon

House as a System – A Holistic Approach (Part 1)

Webinars 2 and 3 explore the 11 critical steps involved in building a house as a ‘system.’ Customer comfort is paramount and we have to consider how the client will use their home. We must ask ourselves one simple question: “Am I making the homeowner’s life easier or harder?" Webinar 2 looks at how to avoid improper planning and design from the outset, both of which can impact the entire home and create costly errors and rework.

Instructor: Doug Tarry

Healthy vs. Healthier Homes

A subject of conversation amongst builders as we come out the back end of the COVID era, is how we build healthier homes.  The reality, however, is that much of what builders are currently doing is already creating a healthy home. Most just don’t know how to talk about it and/or market it. In this podcast style live conversation join Joe Medosch, Healthy Building Scientist at Hayward Score, and Robby Schwarz, BUILDTank, for a conversation on Healthy or Healthier Homes.  We will explore all the great things builders are already doing and how to communicate those things to buyers. Then we will move forward to what is next that could make our home healthier.

Instructor: Joe Medosch, Robby Schwarz
CEUs: 1 LU|HSW AIA, 1 BPI, 1 NAHB, 1 NARI, and 1 RESNET credits
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