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Unlocking the Power of High-Performance Homes: A Marketing Coordinator's Take on Building Science Education

Noyes Development
Unlocking the Power of High-Performance Homes: A Marketing Coordinator
Noyes Development, based in Oregon, is a high-performance home builder and EEBA Member Builder who is empowering their staff to learn about building science and advances in sustainably constructing better homes through the EEBA Academy. Founded in 1993 by Peter Noyes, they have secured a solid reputation over the past 30 years by building high-quality, classy, and innovative homes while setting the leading standard in home building. Alex Vidal, their Marketing Coordinator, is one of their staff dedicated to deepening his knowledge and has completed over 10 EEBA courses and designations - which he displays in his office. Tell us about your display! I initially had a blank wall in my office, but after hanging up my first certificate, followed by the second, and then the third, I felt compelled to continue. Not only does it serve as a personal achievement, but it also showcases the expertise of our team when visitors, whether current homeowners or prospective ones, stop by our... read more

Embodied carbon for homebuilders... made easy!

Embodied carbon for homebuilders... made easy!
The challenges homebuilders face seem to grow every year. In addition to the business of designing, constructing and selling homes, there is a constant need to keep up with code changes, new regulations and consumer demands. Climate change is bringing additional pressures to build for efficiency and electrification and now, embodied carbon is yet another aspect homebuilders must factor into their business model. Change is necessary and there are a multitude of economic, performance, and emissions-reducing benefits builders stand to gain by tackling embodied carbon. And help is on the horizon. This April, RMI (founded as Rocky Mountain Institute) is launching the Homebuilders Carbon Action Network (HomebuildersCAN), with the primary purpose of helping homebuilders understand embodied carbon and learn how to measure and reduce it in a productive and profitable way. HomebuildersCAN was conceived as a “community of practice” where homebuilders and energy raters can engage with... read more

Calculated Water Savings in the Home with a Graywater Recycling Technology How Much Water Can We Save?

Hydraloop Case Study
Calculated Water Savings in the Home with a Graywater Recycling Technology  How Much Water Can We Save?
In an era where water scarcity is becoming an increasingly critical issue, Hydraloop presents a ground-breaking solution with its graywater recycling devices, designed to significantly reduce potable water usage in homes. Leveraging advanced technology, the Hydraloop calculator assesses potential water savings by analyzing daily household activities, such as shower lengths, frequency, and water volume, as well as the number toilet flushes, and laundry loads. The more individuals living in the home, the more graywater produced. This innovative approach not only optimizes water reuse for gardening, laundry, and toilet flushing, but also showcases substantial annual water savings, making it a compelling choice for environmentally conscious builders. By integrating a graywater recycling device, households can play a pivotal role in sustainable water management, ensuring a greener future with each drop of water saved. In this scenario piece, we are diving into the potential water savings... read more