Cracking the Builder Rebate & IECC Performance Path Code

Learn how to increase your builder rebate profits with the use of the Performance Path

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Builder Rebates & IECC Performance Path

Offset Your Costs

The energy regulations and code requirements for builders along the Front Range of Colorado can be challenging. Moving targets, tougher environmental requirements, and increased building costs can all make it difficult to make a profit in today’s building industry. Adding another subcontractor for energy compliance requirements can feel like one more regulation that only increases the cost of construction. We get it. But EnergyLogic can also open doors to rebates which can offset the costs of our required energy compliance services and return additional money into the builder’s pocket.

Maximize Your Potential

The three major Front Range utility providers offer rebates to builders to incentivize the construction of energy-efficient homes. To access these rebates, the builder must work with an energy rater (EnergyLogic) to model and verify the homes are truly more efficient than a standard code home. Each utility has a different structure, different rebate amounts, and different requirements. However, EnergyLogic will do most of the leg work to ensure you are capturing the rebates. Here’s a snapshot of potential opportunities:

  • Xcel Energy offers rebates from $200-$2,500 based on the percentage better than code predicted from the home’s energy model. The program offers additional rebates if you have the home certified under the ENERGY STAR® New Homes (ESNH) program.
  • Black Hills Energy provides rebates of $900 per home based on the home’s HERS score.
  • Colorado Springs Utility (CSU) provides $500-$2,350 based on HERS score with even more money if the home is certified under an above code program such as ENERGY STAR® or LEED.

EnergyLogic has outlined additional utility provider details, click here to learn more.

Why the Performance Path Makes Sense

When approaching compliance, choosing a path that presents an integrated process and provides the most cost-effectiveness and flexibility in meeting energy code requirements makes the most sense for builders and designers.

The Performance Path leads builders to compliance with the ability to evaluate and select various design strategies, elements, technologies, and efficiency trade-offs to achieve performance-based energy-savings in your homes. It is also the required path to be eligible for most of the incentive, tax credit and utility rebate programs.

Make More Work For You

Every business is looking for ways to reduce expenses. However, working closely with EnergyLogic and potentially increasing the energy components of your homes may put more dollars into your bottom line and deliver a more comfortable home to your homeowners.

Bonus! If you want to see what is required to get even more money back on each home, ask us about the very confusing and frustrating $2,000 per home 45L Federal Tax Credit which is back in effect for homes built in 2020 and 2021. We’ve got the tax credit ins-and-outs covered and work for this incentive, along with others on your behalf!

Explore Your Rebate Potential

EnergyLogic is invested in helping our partners receive every possible incentive that they are eligible for. Contact EnergyLogic's Director of Business Development, Rusty Buick to explore your rebate potential.


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