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EEBA Certified Trainers

EEBA selects its trainers based on their experience in the building industry, commitment to building performance education and ability to present the content in an easy to understand, interactive style. Trainers attend regular update training sessions to assure consistency in information presented, updates on technology & product advances and to review resource materials. To learn more about our trainers click on any one of the following:

Trainers / Accreditations

Gord Cooke

As a trainer, author and industry consultant, Gord has been an effective and passionate educator and advocate for better building practices, improved indoor air quality and energy efficiency during the past two decades across North America. Gord brings to his training, his technical and mechanical background, the logic and integrity of a professional engineer and the passion of one committed to helping the residential construction industry build and sell better homes. Based on his homebuyer market research, Gord has pioneered a new training program designed to assist builders in marketing and selling their high performing, energy efficient homes by communicating their value to their customers. Gord's building science training curricula covers the gamut from creating and delivering basic and advanced building science principles through managing indoor air quality and HVAC system design, to an intensive technical sales and marketing workshop.

Justin Wilson

Justin’s diverse background in the building industry began over 17 years ago.  He is a managing partner with Construction Instruction (Ci), which provide a wide range of services including; training and education, building performance assessments and vetting building products. Justin has helped create the largest web and mobile app for the construction industry, providing state of the art construction details, interactive assembly animations, and building science information. His area of expertise is in creating highly advanced energy efficient buildings through high performance process integration, implementation and testing.  He draws upon his experiences in the field of applied building science to design quality enclosures and mechanical systems and to guide the construction of durable, healthy and low energy buildings. His objective is to assist our industry in the development and delivery of cost effective net zero energy buildings. Justin has developed and delivered presentations on technical building matters for nearly 10 years throughout North America.

A few of the recipients of Justin’s seminars include the US Green Building Council, Built Green Colorado, The National Association of Home Builders, National Renewable Energy Laboratories, Enterprise Green Communities, Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation, USGBC and the Energy & Environmental Building Alliance (EEBA).

When Justin is not conducting seminars he can be found working closely with a broad range of builders. Justin enjoys the challenge of solving building issues and finding creative solutions to complex problems. His one-on-one custom consultations enable builders to implement energy efficiency, advanced building science and green building practices into their custom homes, production homes or commercial buildings. He also works with manufacturers vetting new building products by performing a thorough analysis of the product’s quality, usability, compatibility and relevance in the field. He has been involved in the construction of over 20 Net Zero Energy Homes (NZEH).

He worked on the design and production operations for industry award-winning McStain Neighborhoods.  While there he developed numerous initiatives in building durability, indoor air quality, energy & thermal efficiency, water & lighting efficiency, advanced mechanical systems and environmental material considerations.  Due to his research Justin was also tapped to participate in the design & construction of the Building America project house as well as the national award-winning research project home, The Discovery House.

Steve Easley

Steve Easley is an internationally recognized building science consultant specializing in energy efficiency, net zero energy, and solving building science related problems as well as educating building industry professionals and their trade partners.  His work focuses on increasing quality of construction, sustainability, performance, and reducing costly mistakes that lead to construction defects and call-backs. Steve’s mission is helping industry professionals design, build & remodel structures that are durable, energy efficient, healthy and comfortable to live and work in.

 He has more than 30 years of industry experience, performing thousands of job site quality surveys and presenting building science seminars around the world with an annual audience of 8-10,000 industry professionals. Steve’s nationally known for his practical, cost effective approaches for helping the building industry design and build homes that are energy efficient, have fewer call backs and are comfortable and healthy to live in. His presentations are packed with real world examples of what works and what doesn't.

Steve is Principal of Steve Easley and Associates in California, and has authored numerous articles for industry publications. He works with the DOE on the Building America Retro Fit Alliance Team, as well as the the 2012 and 2015 Green Building Code Consensus Committee. Steve sits on the Board of the Electric and Gas Industries Association (EGIA). Steve is also a tenured Professor of Building Science and Contracting at Purdue University, and received the Distinguished College of Technology Alumni Award in 2011.

Andrew Oding, LEED AP, CEA

Andrew Oding is a Building Science Associate with Building Knowledge Canada with over 23+ years of experience in the residential construction industry.

Andrew’s extensive background as a Framer, Builder, Construction Manager, Purchasing Director, and Director of Operations brings a unique, insightful and real-life practicality to building science principles and their in-field applications. Andrew possesses the unique ability to engage and educate people regarding building science principles and the practical, clear application in real-life field conditions

Andrew is Chair of the CHBA Net Zero Council, Chair of the OHBA/EnerQuality Technical committee and 2013 Chair for Natural Resources Canada’s ENERGY STAR for New Homes Technical Committee.  He is also a Certified Energy Evaluator (CEE), Building Science Specialist (UofT), LEED Accredited Professional (AP) and certified HRAI/HVAC designer.

As Operations Manager with one of Canada’s largest privately owned homebuilders (13 years), Andrew spearheaded the builder’s passionate approach to sustainable project development. This initiative resulted in becoming Canada’s very first Energy Star Partner of the Year 2012 . As well, it included the construction of Canada’s 1st LEED H certified residence and 1st LEED ND project (Pilot Project Preston Meadows in Cambridge Ontario).  Andrew also Co-Chaired the LEED H Technical Steering committee in the initial development of the Canadian program.

Mark Laliberte

Mark teaches, consults and speaks to over 7,000 builders, architects and consumers each year. His primary focus is on energy efficient construction practices and systems approach building. Mark presents at EEBA, Affordable Comfort, NAHB, Healthy Indoor Environments Conference, Andersen Window Corp. and The American Thoracic National Conferences. Topics include: airtight construction practices and techniques, indoor air quality problems and solutions, ventilation system design, building pressure regimes, improving building durability, and marketing high performance homes and buildings. Areas of Expertise: Energy efficient construction practices and systems approach building. Residential and light commercial construction. Sizing and installation of ventilation systems. Moisture and vapor flow control methods. Various insulation systems and site verification of building performance. Optimizing mechanical systems and integrating system variations. Marketing the performance built home.

Joe Lstiburek

JOSEPH LSTIBUREK is a principal of Building Science Corporation and a former custom homebuilder. He is internationally recognized as an authority on moisture related building envelope problems and indoor air quality. He is the developer of ADA (the Air Drywall Approach to air barriers) and the author of the U.S. DOE Handbook on Moisture Control as well as the special contributor to the EPA guidance document on Mitigating Indoor Air Quality problems in commercial buildings. He is an expert in the area of rain penetration, air barriers, vapor barriers, air quality, durability, and construction technology. He is a building science researcher affiliated with the Centre for Building Science, University of Toronto and a former national Director of Research of the Housing and Urban Development Association of Canada.

Tex McLeod

With over 30 years in housing and energy conservation Tex is one of North America's leading presenters on energy, housing and indoor air quality. Tex delivers training across Canada, the US and has traveled on behalf of CMHC's International Training Team to South America, Russia and China. Tex is a past board member of EEBA, and has presented at many US venues including: Colorado, Alaska, North Carolina, Nevada, California, Florida, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona, Oregon and Washington DC. In addition to delivering training, Tex has also worked to develop training materials for a variety of clients including: EEBA / EPA, CMHC, Ontario Hydro, NRCan, Atlantic Home Warranty and Ontario First Nations Technical Services. Tex was also part of the original team that put together indoor air quality workshops for CMHC as well as the EEBA IAQ workshop.

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