High Performance Home Summit October 1-3, 2019 - Denver, CO High Performance
Home Summit
Join the Energy & Environmental Building Alliance in Denver for 3 days of learning, networking and collaboration with high performance building professionals from across the United States and Canada. Save the Date
Houses That Work EEBA's Educational Series Houses That Work Based on years of field research from the US Department of Energy's Building America Program, Houses That Work™ delivers education based on that experience for improved building performance and increased profitability. More Information
Taking the Performance Path Houses That Work HERS Associate & Taking the Performance Path An introduction to the HERS Index and IECC Compliance
This full day session reviews Building Science principles as they relate to the Performance Path option in the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC).
More Information
High Performance Mechanical Systems for Houses That Work Houses That Work High Performance Mechanical Systems High Performance Mechanical Systems for Houses That Work is a mid-level, full day seminar geared towards Builders, Designers, Code Officials, and Trade Allies that focuses on HVAC, Ventilation, Hot Water, Indoor Air Quality and Electronic Home Controls in high performance housing. More Information
EEBA's High Performance Home Blog EEBA's High Performance
Home Blog
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EEBA YouTube Channel   EEBA Videos Check out the EEBA YouTube Channel with interviews from leading Energy Professionals. View Channel
Water Efficiency for Builders and Designers   Water Efficiency for Builders and Designers This full day seminar will provide participants a framework for understanding the relationship of water to the sites they develop and the buildings they build. More Information
EEBA Site Supervisor Certification EEBA Certifications EEBA Site Supervisor Certification The EEBA Site Supervisor Certification is a one-day course that covers how the knowledge, processes, and best practices gained from building science apply to site supervisors for residential construction projects. More Information
EEBA High Performance Builder Certification EEBA Certifications EEBA High Performance Builder Certification EEBA is pleased to announce a new certification program designed to provide building professionals with the fundamentals of building science, home performance, compliance and strategic innovations. More Information

EEBA Supports Post-Secondary Building Science Education & TrainingWant more information? Check out the numerous options and opportunities to get involved with the leading educational resources and national competitions!


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