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There's no question: green building is here to stay. Homeowners everywhere are seeking ways to cut down on energy costs, both to save money and to be kind to the environment. Whether they’re building new or remodeling, readers will find inspiration and practical plans for realizing their dreams in this latest green book from Taunton. A Zero Energy Home (ZEH)–a home that produces as much energy as it consumes—is an idea whose time has come! Authors David Johnston and Scott Gibson (Green from the Ground Up) explore the design and construction of self-sufficient houses from start to finish. They make the case for a ZEH; cite climate and geographic challenges; describe how exactly to go about building an energy-efficient home; and feature ten houses that were built for zero energy living. With unequaled knowledge and a passion for the subject, the authors walk readers through the process of building and living in a truly green home.